Written by Ashley
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The Golden Gate bridge is located in San Francisco, California. The Golden Gate bridge is 1.7 miles long including approaches, or 8,981 feet long. The width of the bridge is 90 feet. It is one of the longest bridges in the world. When the bridge was first built it weighed 894,500 tons but today it weighs 887,000 tons. The weight was reduced because of new decking material. This bridge took more than four years to build! It costs more than $27million.It started being built on January 3,1933.it opened for pedestrians on May 27,1937. The Golden Gate Bridge opened for traffic on May 28, 1938 at twelve o'clock noon ahead of schedule and under budget. It is a very popular visitor attraction. The color of the bridge is orange virmillion. It was painted this color to match its surroundings.On May 28, 1987 the bridge was closed for its 15th birthday. 300,000 pedestrians jammed the bridge.The Golden Gate Bridge is a suspension bridge.128 lights are installed on the bridge. They are 250 watt batteries.They were installed in 1972. About 40 million people cross the Golden Gate bridge each year.The context of the bridge is urban. The bridge was first named Chrysopaylae which means golden gate. The architect of the bridge is Joseph B. Strauss.Irving F.Morrow and his wife Gertrude also helped Strauss to design such a great suspension bridge.Strauss received 1 million dollars for the completion of th bridge and a lifetime bridge pass. The bridge is steel.the style of the bridge is structual modern with some art deco details. The bridge connects the San Fransisco pininsula with southern marin county. When it was built in 1937 it was the largest suspension bridge in the world. If you drive across the bridge you must pay a toll of $5.00.During the construction of the bridge eleven people died.A safety net saved nineteen other people who fell of the bridge. The length of one cable is 7,650 feet.One tower on the Golden Gate is 500 feet above the road. The diameter of the cables are 36.5 inches. Since the bridge has opened more than 1.5 billion people have crossed it. There are lots of earthquakes in California engineers believe that if an earthquake hit the bridge it would cost 1.4 billion dollars to rebuild it. The bridge is made of steel and concrete.The length of the steel wires used in the cables on the bridge is enough to circle the earth three times. If it was up to the Navy they would of painted it black and yellow to show greater visibility for passing ships.